Collection of bar stools
by Alexander Zhukovsky

Strict, simple and expressive shape, safe and lightweight construction, and industrial style – all this is a brief description of the design of BRENT stool. As to design, a great attention was paid to ergonomics and analysis of consumer experience using human behavior scenarios in bars.

BRENT stool allows you to forget all inconveniences of standard stool sizes and proportions. Due to plenty of diagonal girders located at different angles, you can put your feet exactly where you feel them most comfortable – at any height and any angle of inclination. It is very convenient.

Brent – is primarily laconic, expressive and comfortable furniture. But apart from that, Brent Stool is something like a sarcastic symbol of modernity, it’s the idea of expression interconnection of economics, politics and design in one small thing – a bar stool! The name of this stool is formed from the name of oil brand called Brent. The basis for the design concept of Brent Stool became the image of the oil rig construction, which has become a symbol of wealth and power in the modern world.

BRENT stool has its main conceptual color – black. But the whole BRENT series can be painted in almost every color you wish, such as: red, white, yellow etc. And, of course, it is also available to have BRENT stool with wooden finishing.

Design: Alexander Zhukovsky

Sizes (mm) and weight (kg)

  • Overall width


  • Height up to seat


Different colours

Expressive design

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